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Evanescence partners with HeadCount to launch Use My Voice voter registration campaign

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Credit: P.R. Brown

Evanescence has partnered with the non-partisan organization HeadCount to launch Use My Voice, a new campaign encouraging voter registration.

“For many Americans, voting is too often an intimidating experience,” says frontwoman Amy Lee in a statement. “We all saw the long lines in certain precincts in Georgia during their recent primary. Unfortunately, what happened there is not unique in America. It happens all the time, especially in underserved communities in our country. Now, add COVID into the mix and you have the perfect combination of factors to continue to suppress the voice of the people.”

“The Use My Voice campaign is about empowering people to use their voice at the ballot box,” she continues. “Promoting easy access to registration and voting is not a Democratic or Republican issue — it’s an American issue and one we should all promote because there’s nothing more patriotic than supporting participation in our democratic process.”

The services Use My Voice will provide include resources detailing access to voter registration, ballot information and polling locations, as well as “accurate, clear information on voting by mail.” If you use the site UseMyVoice.org to register to vote or check the status of your existing registration, you’ll receive a ticket to a private, online Evanescence concert taking place this fall.

In connection with the initiative, Evanescence is releasing a new song called “Use My Voice” on August 14. You can hear a preview of the song in the new Use My Voice PSA.

The song “Use My Voice” will appear on the upcoming Evanescence album The Bitter Truth, which also includes the previously released songs “Wasted on You” and “The Game Is Over.”

By Josh Johnson
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