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Evanescence's Amy Lee breaks down 'Fallen' reference in new song, "Better Without You"

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Credit: Nick Fancher

Evanescence‘s new song “Better Without You” features a line that likely sticks out to longtime fans. During the bridge, frontwoman Amy Lee sings, “We’re fallen,” an apparent callback to the name of Evanescence’s 2003 debut album, Fallen.

As Lee tells ABC Audio, the reference was indeed intentional.

“I used that word on purpose,” she shares. “I did.”

Lee doesn’t reveal the specific inspiration for the song, but she does explain that it’s “going through time,” and that it “starts in the past and then moves into the present.”

“I guess I just had some stuff I really still needed to get off my chest,” she says. “I knew writing this album that there were things that I was writing about that were really, really real, that I didn’t necessarily want to talk about specifically and call out names when talking about the songs.”

Songs like “Better Without You” allowed Lee to “air some of that stuff in the music.”

“It’s a really, really healthy, positive thing for me to have a place where I can’t lie to myself,” she explains. “It’s my one sacred place where everything comes out and I can’t help it. If it’s in my mind, if it enters my mind that that’s the thing that needs to come out, I can’t deny myself.” 

“Better Without You” appears on Evanescence’s upcoming album The Bitter Truth, due out March 26. It’s the group’s first all-original record in 10 years.

By Josh Johnson
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