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Everclear revisits “angry,” “nasty” ’World of Noise’ with reissued debut album

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Before Everclear became known for hits including “Santa Monica” and “Father of Mine,” the Art Alexakis-fronted group was a raw, punk-influenced outfit that recorded with an old amplifier that literally blew sparks. Thirty years later, you can now hear exactly what that sounded like.

World of Noise, Everclear’s long out of print 1993 debut album, has finally been released on digital platforms for the first time in honor of its upcoming 30th anniversary. Speaking to ABC Audio about what might surprise first-time listeners about the record, Alexakis laughs, “How angry it is.”

“And nasty,” Alexakis adds. “It’s just full of feedback, that’s why I called it World of Noise.”

For those who’ve seen Everclear live, though, hearing World of Noise might be a bit less shocking.

“There’s always been a dichotomy between how we are live, which is way more guitar-based and noisy and fast and raucous, as opposed to our later records,” Alexakis says.

The World of Noise reissue, which is out now, includes the original album remastered, as well as six bonus tracks. And if you dig that “angry” and “nasty” energy, Alexakis thinks you may be interested in Everclear’s most recent studio effort, 2015’s Black Is the New Black.

“A lot of our later hit singles were more produced-sounding,” Alexakis says. “That’s where I was at, at the time. I had done the, if you wanna call it, grungy, punk-ish thing, and it just evolved up.”

He adds, “But if you listen to … Black Is the New Black … that’s the heaviest, hardest guitar record we’ve ever had.”

Everclear is currently on a 30th anniversary tour, which continues Tuesday in Odessa, Texas.

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