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Failure announces new album, ’Wild Type Droid’

Image by Beeple; Failure Music

Failure has announced a new album called Wild Type Droid.

The sixth studio effort from the “Stuck on You” rockers — and their first in three years — will arrive December 3. The first single, titled “Headstand,” is available now for digital download.

“The lyrics [for ‘Headstand’] come from my earliest memory of spacing-out in my room when I was seven, trying to conceive of infinity and watching the dust falling through the bars of sunlight pouring through my blinds,” says the trio’s Greg Edwards.

Here’s the Wild Type Droid track list:

“Water with Hands”
“A Lifetime of Joy”
“Bring Back the Sound”
“Mercury Mouth”
“Long Division”
“Bad Translation”
“Half Moon”

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