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Family Fun at Tolmachoff Farms


With every weekend quickly filling up on the fall social calendar, I was sure to be able to squeeze in a pumpkin patch trip into the mayhem.

Going to some sort of pumpkin patch is a fall tradition for many. I keep trying to start traditions but then I move away or a pandemic happens and things break so I give myself grace and say each year I just have to do S O M E T H I N G with a pumpkin each fall. This year I am trying to do all the “first” with Shiloh and a full out trip to Tolmachoff Farms felt necessary.

I love Tolmachoff Farms because well for one, it’s much closer to the west side than most. We don’t get a lot of love with special events over here so I take advantage of the things I find that are under 30 minutes away. With Tolmachoff you get more than just a pumpkin patch- you get a full family-day event and at night, a spooky haunted corn maze for the brave.

Obviously my seven month old wasn’t going to be hitting up the AZ Field of Screams but the Tolmachoff family was nice enough to have me out the weekend prior for the opening weekend of the maze! Night time at Tolmachoff Farms is a whole different experience. Still family friendly with access to most of the day-time activities still available but nightfall does open it up for more of a date-night vibe too.




During the day, your main event activities are the corn maze (full of fun riddles and farm facts,) the tomato cannon, the train ride, pumpkin patch and grabbing a bite to eat at the barn and grill. You’ll also find an area perfect to let the kids run around and get them tired for a good night’s rest plus a petting zoo between the two main areas.

This time on my trip I mostly stuck to the kids area. In the past you would have found me at the corn maze, purposely taking long because I enjoy being so secluded. The stroller probably wouldn’t fare well and I didn’t want to find out yet if bug like to bite my son so we played it safe.

Even though we stuck to the kiddie places, the fun was still plentiful. Lots of families having fun without it feeling crowded. There was room to breathe. Little ones were laughing on the bounce pad, parents watching their children play on this nice looking set, other pushing theirs in the “race” across the way. If you keep walking you’ll find the wild west set ready for family perfects or a rock on the horses.




Speaking of horses, we also took the baby to his first petting zoo experience. We didn’t let him touch any animals yet because of the germs but he did get really close to the little horse and enjoyed taking a gander at the goats.

After looking at all the things Shiloh could soon enjoy, we took him to the pumpkin patch and let him “ooo” and “aww” at all the vegetation. Before leaving, we stopped by the gift store to purchase two large pumpkins with faces ripe for carving and one baby pumpkin for Shy. The gift to myself is always snagging some of their jarred goods. My husband requested Apple Butter and I was recommended the Chile Relleno Salsa which did NOT disappoint. In fact, I really need everyone to pick up some of that salsa from them. Typically I only like spicy salsas and my husband only likes mild… we both LOVE the salsa. It’s robust with flavor but doesn’t have heat to scare others away.




Normally my favorite is the petting zoo. I just love animals that you can tell have a nice home. Got to hand it to this salsa though, moving the gift store to my favorite part of my trip this year. I will be going back specifically to get stuff from their store in a couple weeks.

Now I am already excited for next year as Shiloh will be WALKING! He will have more of a handle on navigating the world, won’t be sporting a helmet and can enjoy more of the things they offer. More family fun is ahead for years to come thanks to Tolmachoff Farms.




Pumpkin Days and the Corn Maze run October 1st @ 12:00 am – October 31 @ 11:59 pm for a $15 admission. AZ Field of Screams sold separately and additional purchases available inside. You do not need to buy farm admission to buy something from the store. Click HERE to win tickets on the ALT AZ App. Click HERE to visit the Tolmachoff Farms website.


October Hours

Monday & Tuesday closed

Wednesday – Thursday 12:00 noon – 8:00 pm

 Friday 12:00 noon – 11:00 pm

 Saturday 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

 Sunday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm



Bye, Friends!