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Feel exclusive celebrating at the hidden 36 Below cocktail bar

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Anymore I feel the opportunity to try someplace new feels few and far between. Not because I’m so well-versed in local fare but more because I don’t have time to carve away to go to a sit-down experience.

This last month has been peculiar in that I have actually been busy with social engagements rather than new-house upkeep. I’ve tried several new places but there was one so unique that I needed to share about it with you. I attended a classic 90 minute reservation at 36 Below.


Finding the location:

36 Below is a cocktail bar speakeasy that you’ll find hidden within a local coffee grindhouse. If you are familiar with UnderTow, then you are also privy to this site, as it is the previous location of UnderTow. *wink*

Look, I’ll be honest, I got nervous driving to this ladies liquid luncheon purely for the fact that I get lost and confused so easily when finding new places. Knowing that it was supposed to be hidden gave me an, “oh great!” feeling. But good news, 1) It’s not hard to locate, there are even a couple signs to aid you with parking. 2) Once I was close by it, I was still dumbfounded and asked a barista for help and they were happy to point out what was right in front of my face. *I won’t say more as I would like at least one other person to go through the same motion of walking by it three times before realizing that was where you were supposed to be.*

The location isn’t tough to find, especially to anyone who frequents the local speakeasies. Parking was easy and the area felt safe.

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The occasion: 

I know you’re dying to find out WHY I was out and about- well, a girlfriend of mine had a birthday. I planned a very last minute- she even knew it was last minute so don’t judge me- birthday lunch that doubled as a small surprise by having some other friends she hadn’t seen in a while show up!

The staff helped me keep the illusion of the surprise going by making sure to not let her know others were waiting for her and helping me get the table area set up. Because of the small venue, less people are allowed in but this makes it a great experience for you as the staff is very attentive. Perfect for the birthday lunch.

The menu:

I planned this “lunch” before doing any real research on what I booked to be frank. I was trying to keep it a surprise for everyone, myself included which means I didn’t realize it was pretty much cocktails only BUT they do have a yummy charcuterie board so if you make the mistake, like me, of not eating beforehand, you’re not totally screwed!

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As you would expect, when you have your cocktail hour here you will experience some totally unique drinks that I doubt you’ll find again elsewhere. The biggest surprise that we ordered was one that came in a flower pot! Drinkable and edible, the sweet drink could have been a lunch too.

There were also an array of wildly infused mimosas, drinks with bold flavors like rosemary, blood orange and matcha. No matter what kind of drink you prefer, you’ll find something to try. I challenge you to be bold and go for it! Don’t go to a place like this to play it safe.


The verdict:

My final call on 36 Below is a win. Not a somewhere I would frequent, as you need reservations and a $25 deposit per person upon making the reservation (which is then applied towards the bill) and the drinks can be pricey depending on your choice but it was exactly what you’d want the kind of thing I booked. A small special occasion or a nice date night out.


There is never a shortage of tings to do or places to try around the valley, and because of that, I’ll always have a job. New place opening up? Let me know by messaging me, HERE!



Bye, Friends!