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Fender’s New Bluetooth Mini Amp Speaker, Temporary Tattoos In Healthcare & A Tribute To Adam West in Nerdgasm News!

Fender mini amp


New Fender Mini Amp Bluetooth Speakers

Fender mini amp

If you’re in the market for a new bluetooth speaker but don’t want to get just an average looking one, why not try the new Fender blue tooth speakers that look like little mini amps! Fender’s already known for making guitars and amps so why not get into the speaker business?! They’re launching 2 different styles: The Monterey which is a powerful, bigger speaker for $349.99 and a more portable, smaller speaker called the Newport for only $199.99. Both speakers have the Fender’s classic custom amp look with the grilles and knobs and are available NOW on the Fender Website.

A Healthcare Monitoring Temporary Tattoo

temporary tattpp

picture via SOMEYA LABORATORY/university of tokyo

There’s new technology out that could change we look at healthcare and temporary tattoos. Scientists at the University of Tokyo have developed a temp hypoallergenic temp tattoo sensor that can monitor vital signs without bothering the patient. After a very successful trial of detecting touch, temperature and pressure it looks like this may be a game changer for the health world. Not just for vital signs but also for improving prosthetic limbs too.

Family Guy Pays Tribute To The Late Adam West

Family guy creator Seth MacFarland paid tribute to the late, great Adam West on Family Guy this past week with a 9-minute montage of all of Mayor Adam West scenes. If you’ve never seen Family Guy, Adam West played himself as the Mayor Of their town Quahog, and it feels like the town couldn’t have had a better mayor.