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Finally! The Phoenix Pride Parade 2021


Leave it to the Phoenix Pride Parade to make parades cool again! All walks of life were boarding 3rd street in support of the valley’s LGBTQ+ community and it was beautiful. I first need to note that normally I hate large free public assemblies because people are so mean and pushy but both times I’ve been to a pride parade now have been SO friendly. It’s just not my normal experience with this kind of stuff and wanted to share for anyone else that typically has the same happen to them. Pride ISN’T your normal function. After trying to reschedule more than once, The Phoenix Pride Parade colored the streets of downtown for the 40th celebration of equal love. When the theme is BE YOU, it’s an incredibly freeing atmosphere. People didn’t look self-conscious and those on the shy side quickly blossomed when surrounded by the energy everyone was putting out.  


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What was so special for ALT AZ 933 this year is we teamed up with Vizzy Hard Seltzer to do a really cool prize for a listeners and 4 of their friends! Our winner was sweet, Makayla and her gang. They were a perfect match to spend a morning with Mo, Dustin, me and the ALT AZ 933 street team all decked out in every color and glitter with goodies to hand out to the audience. Our float was made by our team with music playing from our SUV that towed it. Walking in the front we had the letters, P-R-I-D-E, each held by a different person, including our Vizzy Hard Seltzer winners and me! Next time you see anyone in a parade HOLDING something, wave/smile/do a nice gesture because it’s way harder than it looks. The last 1/4 mile is a test of just how peppy you can be. We were lucky to have a really great crew on board and enthusiastic listeners to fuel the way… we also had candy. shhh.   If you were out there, thank you for being part of a great crowd! You all were interactive, kind, followed rules and were FUN! It takes both sides wanting to be there to make a good parade, and Phoenix Pride didn’t lose the passion over the pandemic-delay. IMG_0711   Following the parade, where it ended, was the Pride Festival. It required tickets to get in and I had some other engagements to get to so this year I didn’t go. In 2019, I did go inside afterward and BOY was the unlike any other festival I’ve been to. Go into one of those tents and you’ll end up staying way longer than you intended. It’s hard to tear yourself away but then you remember all the food you still want to try. If you’re curious most places took card for food and alcohol. So much love. So many people celebrating being out for the first time. Celebrating bravery and acceptance. If you’ve not yet had the privilege to go to a pride event and support our LGBTQ+ community and their fight for equality, I hope you make time for next year’s! The parade is free and would be a great “first time” thing to do. Let all things you do come from a place of love.   KACIE

Bye, Friends!