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Find more than you bargained for at the Arrowhead Farmer’s Market


It was our first “hot” Saturday morning in the valley when I gathered up my family to check out the Arrowhead Farmer’s Market. I had heard some buzz that it was a good sized one but really didn’t know what I was getting into when I pulled into the mall parking lot that morning.

As someone frequently worried about not being able to find where I’m going, you can’t miss this. It’s in a significant amount of space (which didn’t seem to negatively affect the mall at all) and has delicious smells that waft through the air before you clear your car. I was definitely in the right place.

You can find the Arrowhead Farmer’s Market in the parking lot at the upper level of Dillards every Saturday with current seasonal hours being 9a-1p. Parking was easy even though there was plenty of business happening and accessing the market was simple too with multiple points to cross over from parking lot-to-market.

We ended up walking into the middle-ish, so I supposed I didn’t have the traditional view of booth fronts when I entered, but what I did see already had me pulling in several directions.

Did I want to sample salsas? Cookies? Fresh pressed juice? Produce? Should I have brought my gift list?

TJ Farms

The best part is the vendors rotate every week so you are sure to find a new reason to go back every Saturday if you wanted to. The Arrowhead Farmers Market has a full spread of vendors ranging from fresh plants, fresh produce, food truck/concessions, take-home foods, and local artisan home goods.

It was a lot more than I thought it would be and felt a little underprepared. I really should have brought a couple of my lists with me to knock out my week of groceries.

Aside from the incredible smells of fresh skillets being made and kettle corn being popped, what obviously caught my attention first are all the colorful produce options. This week we shopped the selection at TJ Farms. Wow did they have the best looking peppers I’ve seen in months. Beautifully sized, firm, and a variety to pick from. I also couldn’t help but get a bag of the biggest, reddest radishes I’ve ever seen despite having no plans for them for the week. The cabbages were deep with color and scent… so guess what. I got those too. Looks like I’ll be making some slaw!

TJ Farms

The staff at TJ Farms is knowledgeable about their produce and eager to chat about it. They move the line quickly while also handling your produce with care as it gets rung up. We made it out of there with lots of peppers, some cabbages, radishes, apples, beets and kale for just $16! (With what my grocery bill has been lately, those savings are nothing to ignore.)

That was just one stop of many. I got some incredible dog treats I’ll be spotlighting in a couple weeks from Paws Choose Us. My most expensive stop only some personality types will understand… I spent $60 on a trivet. Yes. 1 trivet. The thing you throw hot pans on so they don’t mess up your countertops. Why? Because it was the most gorgeous trivet I’ve ever seen. Dean’s Pine Needle Creations. A company owned and operated by the cutest couple who makes it all themselves. These beautifully cut rock and pine needle trivets are woven right there on sight while they sell. The rocks, they go out around Arizona to shops and pick out themselves. A labor of love and quality time together.

Dean’s Pine Needle Creations

To try and spotlight these businesses all in one go wouldn’t be fair. I’ll be back to give you a deeper look into more of our local makers later this year. Do yourself a favor and stop going to the same grocery store over and over again.It might save you a few minutes to know the layout but what you’ll discover from seeking out local makers and new vendors is so much greater than the time saved. You not only get a deeper root in your community but you become more knowledgeable about your product and closer to the source of it- which is always best! Find fresh takes, new businesses and one-of-a-kind gifts at the Arrowhead Farmer’s Market every Saturday! #Shoplocal



Bye, Friends!