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FINNEAS fesses up to awkward moment with Taylor Swift

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FINNEAS may appear calm, cool and collected — but he’s just as awkward as the rest of us.  Over the weekend, the singer took to Instagram to share a cringeworthy moment he had with Taylor Swift — at her own birthday party.

While conducting a question and answer session on Stories, a fan asked FINNEAS to recount his most embarrassing moment.  He revealed that it was that time he walked up to greet Taylor at her own party, and got a little flustered.

“I said ‘thanks for coming’ to Taylor Swift,” he shared, according to screenshots taken by Buzzfeed. “Meant to say ‘thanks for inviting me’ or whatever obviously.”

Sadly, FINNEAS did not reveal how Taylor reacted to the faux pas or whether or not his sister, Billie Eilish, has teased him about it — as siblings should.

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