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For Christmas, GAYLE is saying “abcdefu” to…laundry?

M Gayle 122121
Luke Rogers

After it became a sensation online, rising star GAYLE‘s kiss-off anthem “abcdefu” has now broken through at radio — in a heavily censored version, of course.  The 17-year-old singer/songwriter says this particular turn of events is “insane.”

“It is absolutely mind-blowing that my song is on the radio — especially, like, radio stations that I’ve listened to as a kid,” GAYLE tells ABC Audio. “Like, as a mere fetus in a car, I would hear the radio and I know exactly what the [announcers’] voice sounds like, the jingle, all of it — and then hearing my song after that… or even just like hearing my name on the radio…like, it’s just absolutely insane!”

But of course, that kind of success takes hard work. After wrapping up her FU Tour in November, GAYLE says she’s now ready to slow down for Christmas — and maybe even take care of some personal errands.

“I’m so happy — my Christmas present to myself is laundry!” she laughs. “I cannot tell you how great it’s going to be to wake up on Christmas Day and have no laundry to do! I can literally tear up just thinking about it, like, “Ahhh..it’s gonna be GREAT!”

GAYLE has a new single coming early next year and she’s at work on her debut album.

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