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Foster the People working on “multiple records” that sound “very different from each other”

Medios y Media/Getty Images

Foster the People has been fostering a whole lot of new music.

Speaking with Billboard, frontman Mark Foster reveals that the “Pumped Up Kicks” outfit has “multiple records” in the works, all of which sound “very different from each other.”

“We’ve got one record that’s a little bit more in the ’50s and ’60s realm, we’ve got another in the ’70s and ’80s realm,” Foster shares.

“Then we’ve got an abstract instrumental record that plays with solfeggio frequencies and ancient tunings,” he adds. “I wouldn’t call it a meditation record, but it’s more of a high concept record and is predominantly instrumental.”

In approaching the albums, Foster and company wanted to “record in that old school way while still using modern techniques.”

“Sonically, I imagine if John Lennon had access to all the synthesizers that we had today, that he would have been like a kid in a candy store,” Foster explains. “He would have used every tool available to him for songwriting, and pushed the envelope of creativity.”

Foster the People’s most recent album is 2017’s Sacred Hearts Club, which spawned the singles “Sit Next to Me” and “Doing It for the Money.” Release dates for the new records are TBA.

Meanwhile, you can revisit the beginning of Foster the People with the new reissue of the band’s 2011 debut album, Torches, which was released last week in honor of the record’s 10th anniversary.

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