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Getting prepared for an Arizona summer


A couple days ago I went outside and had to pat check the furniture before sitting down. One of the first signs of summer starting up here in the valley. 

Spring doesn’t last long around these parts. It leaves little time to really prep for the summer. It’s silly to think that a change in season really needs prep time out of our day but we have the extreme end of the scale here in terms of what our summers feel like. 

Having a safe and fun summer in Arizona means a little effort in the spring. You’re going to need to get some projects out of the way and you’re going to need to buy some stuff probably. This is what that will look like. 


Start getting sun now

Sun exposure is a tricky thing. You’re not supposed to get too much of it but you also have to go out in it to prepare for the exposure you do get. 

Don’t start off the first pool party of the summer with a giant sunburn. Get some time in this spring before it’s really beating down on us. 

Put on some sunscreen and layout a little at a time to get a nice base layer before days over 100 are upon us. You’ll thank yourself later!

Invest in a daily moisturizing face sunscreen

Dermatologist rake in the money around here for skin problems related to extended sun exposure. Everything from skin cancer to wrinkles that need Botox.  

If you aren’t already using a daily moisturizer, you should’ve already started! It’s one of those things you can never start too early in life. When selecting a daily face moisturizer, make sure you are getting one that contains sunscreen! A little sunscreen every day is important for your face. It’s the place you can’t hide a sunburn, peeling skin or new freckles and moles.

Skincare is worth the money. It’s always top of the list of things people say they wish they started sooner. Take the advice before you end up having to give it.

Get a nice reusable water bottle

Your water intake is SO important. It helps keep your skin nice, keeps your brain functioning top notch, makes you feel fuller longer and will help keep you from muscle cramping and fatigue while out in the heat.

Of course to stay hydrated, that means you need access to water. We are often on-the-go, especially here in the valley where everything is spread far apart. You can’t guarantee convenient access to water at all times. It’s best to just carry your own water bottle.

Get a reusable one not just because it helps the planet, but because it’s easy to get in the habit of carrying around. You won’t want to set it down and forget it somewhere, because it’s yours! You can add ice to keep it cold (if you like your water that way) to encourage you to keep drinking it throughout the day. Check out the chart above to see what your water intake should be based on your weight!

Eat frequently

Eating? That is something we can get behind. Eating frequently in the summer is going to help your body have the energy to regulate your temperature while enduring the heat. If remembering to eat before dinnertime is a struggle for you, start practicing this now.


On the bright side, there are lots of health benefits to eating frequently. It will boost your metabolism, increase brain function, give you more energy throughout the day. Remember to balance this with your normal diet. If you eat more often, you should be eating less at each sitting. Find some good grab and go snacks! Lots of healthy options to also get you closer to that summer bod. Here are some of my favorite grab-snacks:

  • nuts (almonds, cashews, macadamia)
  • dried fruit (on a big dried mango kick!)
  • granola
  • yogurt cups
  • roasted chickpeas (you can make these a bunch at once yourself, or buy them in some stores)
  • apples
  • plantain chips


Do any backyard clean up NOW

This one is easily the most work out of anything else discussed. Do the backyard clean up. Probably should have done it yesterday! Each day it’s already getting hotter outside. Before it’s time to start hosting friends in the yard make sure you have the pesky outdoor chores done for the season.

The big weed pull. Trash pick-up. Get rid of dead leaves and brush. Make sure your rocks are in the right place and not scattered around onto the concrete. Landscaping is a bear in the heat. Figure out if you need to replant anything or move ones you already have to be better suited for the sun.

Included in backyard clean up is any sheds you have. During the year it’s so easy to just toss various tools and at the end of summer you might have just tossed your deflated rafts in there without even looking. Cleaning out the shed is important because that is when you will find out if your pool toys have holes in them and need to be replaced, if anything was dry rotted or just plain broken. Get this done earlier enough and you can swoop the pre-summer sales!


Look into ways you can be more energy efficient this year

“Don’t waste the AC!”

#1 thing said during a summer in Arizona! Keeping things cool is expensive. Find ways to be more energy efficient in your household this year. Some of it is going to be the way you go about your day. Turning off lights, using fans instead of the AC unit, opening windows to let in a breeze when the weather is nice in the evening, etc. Other ways include purchasing energy efficient lighting, looking into solar panels for your roof and checking out if your windows could be the culprit to the energy loss in your home.

Water can be saved in the summer too! Don’t leave sinks running. Only let the shower warm up for as long as it needs to, not 15 minutes while you scroll on your phone (busted.) Water your plants in the early morning and evening when the sun isn’t as hot. Check out the peak hours with your water company and try doing laundry and the dishes outside of those hours.


It’s April going on August out there! We will be fighting the 100’s before you know it. Each year it seems to surprise everyone. I say, we have had enough surprises in the last year… Cut back on them this year and do a little prep for what is to come.

The future for the most part is unclear but we do know without a doubt it will be HOT here. Stay healthy and good luck!


Bye, Friends!