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Good Guy Grohl Strikes Agaaaaaaiiiiin!

foo fighters crying man stage

foo fighters crying man stage

With all the terrible things that happen in the world or ridiculous twitter fighters between celebrities, it’s good to see that people can be human and still love and respect one another. Dave Grohl continues to be that change that we’ve been dying to see! He goes about it a different way cause he’s basically a bad ass and he’s a rock star!

He spots a guy named Anthony in the crowd, balling his eyes out to “My Hero” and of course, decides to joke with him a bit, then gets him on stage. The rest is a beautiful magic mess!

Since Dave let’s F-Bombs fly like it’s a raven sending a message, the vid is NSFW! Use headphones if you’re at work 😀


Ps. This only get’s me EVEN MORE excited for Foo Fighter’s show at Ak-Chin Pavillion in September!

Featured gif via Imgur