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Good pours and fresh flavors live at Mochilero Kitchen


I’m a big fan of the early-bird Friday quick-bite. I think I just like having a variety to pick from to eat and appetizers are the food people are willing to share. Want a bite of someone’s entree and you might has well have asked them for their arm- SO I LOVE HAPPY HOUR!

I had a chance to go pop out for an hour or so one Friday with my mom without the baby so we decided to make it a girl-date instead of being productive. We remembered that around the pandemic a new place was opening up and we never ended up going to it. Recently we moved houses and when I was driving around, realized we were right up the road from that same restaurant. Mochilero Kitchen.

I made a wrong turn into a parking lot is how I found it. I am not good at finding places, but I felt like if you didn’t know it was there… you might not notice it if you’re just driving by. That’s my excuse for not knowing it was there and I’m sticking to it.


Hidden? Debatable, but a gem all the same. Not only does it have a cute modern flare on the inside but their patio is positioned really well in relation to the sun making it naturally several degrees cooler than it was off the patio. It made for the perfect outdoor happy hour!

I can’t speak for their late night flow, as you’ll almost never find me out after 7p- but when I went a couple Friday’s ago around 3p, it was pretty slow. Just a couple other pairs sitting inside but we had the patio to ourselves.

We had some great service. Everything came out quick but was fresh at the same time. (Granted, no one ordered an enchilada or anything elaborate like that.)

I let the bartender take liberties on my drinks. I never know what to order and normally just tell them I don’t like dark liquor and don’t want it super sweet. They gave me a very refreshing light rum drink that pairs well with what ended up being my favorite item off the menu that we tried.


The plantain chips and guacamole! These housemade plantain chips made excellent sturdy scoops for their flavorful citrus guacamole. I have been wanting to go back specifically for THAT!

We also really liked our tacos! We got two meatless tacos that I can vouch for as full of flavor and not just sliced fajita peppers like many places will serve you. My mom got a shrimp taco that was finished before I could ask if she liked it. She did.

Planning another stop at Mochilero Kitchen for the near future but would like to stay and make it a dinner to further explore the menu.

Mochilero Kitchen is a great spot for girlfriends to meet up, day dates, and a cute place to treat your parents or in-laws to!

Think you have a better happy hour spot for me to try? Let me know by clicking HERE.

Bye, Friends!