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Good Things Are Coming…


I think we keep waiting around for some magical veil to be lifted but it’s time we snap to reality. When, in the the whole history of the world, has that ever happened? Everything that would be categorized as a “crazy” event, even once resolved, took time to bounce back. That time has often been years of recovery before “normalcy” began. I blame textbooks. You read, “the Great Depression ended in 1933.” But people didn’t just wake up in 1933 with things back to the good old days. When we are in a history book it will say, “the Covid-19 pandemic ended in 2021” but what future generations won’t skim read about hours before a test is all the waiting that was done. The dread of not knowing if it was really over. They don’t read about how we spent months trying to get this vaccine out, and even longer trying to convince people of its safety. The future kids will not care that we had no idea when city wide events or concerts would resume. They will only know that it “ended” in 2021.

Despite all of that- GOOD THINGS ARE COMING. They are. We are at the end. The end, always seems so long when it’s the worst movie you’ve ever watched. That’s what this is. The worst movie EVER. 

I wish this was an article that contained a list of all these great things that are coming and when you can catch them. But it’s not. There are some dates on calendars but they are dates that have been changed so many times, I don’t trust them. So if you came here to find a good list of things to do, this isn’t for you. If you came here for a little pep talk- stick around! Because I repeat, good things ARE coming.

1F3ADA77-D4D4-4196-BADB-24261D0F6AE6If the last year has taught us anything at all- besides proper hand washing- it has been that we can’t solely rely in events on a calendar. We shouldn’t put everything that’s going to be “good” in a year on our travel plan, on a festival, on going to your teams big game of the season. Those things are definitely good. But the cancellation of those luxuries shouldn’t confiscate a good year from you.

Notice I said luxuries. We forget that that’s what all that is. It’s a luxury. A luxury is defined as, “a state of great comfort or extravagant living.” That means you CAN live a good life without those things and guess what… so many people do. Most of us are incredibly privileged, just by living in this country.  (Hard to remember that sometimes when it feels like we are always in opposition with each other.)

Sometimes all we need to do is take a step back. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of our country’s current drama. Even if you don’t watch the news, it’s being pushed on you whether you realize it or not through social media. Stop. Step back and get some perspective. Look at how far we have come.

This time last year we knew almost nothing about this virus. We didn’t even think we could really get it. Then we did but we still had virtually no information. Our country shut down and had a straight up toilet paper shortage.

Look at us now. Politics and personal judgements aside. Our scientists are openly sharing all the information they have gathered with each other. That’s never really happened before! We not only know what the virus is, but we know how it spreads, how it mutates, how to decrease our contact with it, and we know who it’s likely to affect more than others. Instead of focusing on what we still don’t know, acknowledge everything we HAVE discovered. Including, a vaccine. Sure it was rushed. But imagine how thankful the world would have been for a rushed TB vaccine 100 years ago. For scientists to have openly been sharing information to quickly come up with a way to save people.

Anyway- not here to talk about the vaccine. But it definitely makes my list of “good things that are coming.” I for one am looking forward to the next phase where I will be qualified to get one. 

Take a step back and look at your personal life too. I think we take too much stock in things happening “out there.” Our current political state should not be a daily drag for you unless you are hired in politics. What changes have happened to you in the last year? Acknowledge the bad but also lift up the good.

After seeing how far we have all come it’s time to look at where we are going. 83066332-FA8E-4ABF-AE6A-B78B99BE2AD8

We are going towards an end to this. It’s not at hyper speed but we are on the path. At the end of this we have the return of those luxuries we have grown used to.  

Something I don’t think is a luxury but has definitely been debilitated during the pandemic is our ability to meet new people. That is returning! Maybe it’s not something you’ve thought about too much, but even casual interactions, like the person you meet sitting at a bar top and talk to for a couple hours to never see again, are important. Interactions like that whether they lead to friendship or not are inspiring. Maybe it’s something they said, or someone they remind you of. Meeting new people brings the world back to being inspired again. That is a GREAT thing that is coming.

Outside circumstances fade to the background with this last good thing that’s coming.

No matter what is happening “out there,” you have another chance to do this year right. A lot of little choices you get to make all on your own every day have a bigger effect on your life than policy being currently discussed in D.C. You know the kind of choices I’m talking about. The choice to work out, eat something healthy, read a book, walk your dogs, put down your phone, spend quality time with your family. On a bigger scale, the decision to stop and help that person with a flat tire, to volunteer at the place you always say you’d like to, to be more patient or do a kindness for a stranger. Those actions add up & ultimately make up more of your life than most of what we fuss about.

So this year, good things can be coming…

IMG_2643And with that in mind, what are some good things coming your way? I’ll share mine. This year flipped me on my head. My pregnancy was planned but we also thought at the time that the pandemic was going to be over before the end of summer. Despite that not being true, I’ve been working hard to make the best of it. Not getting to see my family while carrying the first grandchild, (great grandchild too) was emotionally hard. Now, (as of last week actually,) my mom lives out here! She wants to make sure no matter what happens that she will be close. My due date is about a month away. I feel confident, prepared and excited. Good things are coming because I’ve prepped the way! You can too.

As I’ve mentioned before, we focus a lot on the bad. I used to do that too. It took years of conscious effort to change my attitude to become who I am today. Here is kind of the ground work I did to work on that.

Take time daily to account for the good. It is not toxic happiness to take a moment to remember there is good with the bad. Sometimes they are completely unrelated so it takes some time to remember, but everyday you should take a moment to be happy about something, even if that moment is fleeting!


Take time daily to do a good thing for someone else. This one is my favorite and probably was the biggest contribution to my “can-do” attitude. It doesn’t have to be some huge favor that gets recognized- in fact you should do it with the expectation of it getting glossed over. Sometimes it’s just taking someone else’s cart back to the return spot. Smiling at someone who looks a little down. Picking up some trash you see at the park. I’m sure you can think of some little things that don’t benefit yourself that you can do without taking up too much of your day. 

Take time daily to do a good thing for yourself. Some people are really good at this and need to focus more on the point above. 😉 But if you’re like me, this one is challenging. Just remember, when you take care of yourself and do something nourishing, you have more to give to the world in return. Balance creates goodness.

By setting up your day around those ideas, good things are always coming. Call it karma or whatever you want but I really do believe we manifest a lot out of the vibes we are emitting. 

One more time, good things are coming. You might have to wet the runway a bit, but they will come. Don’t sit back and wait anymore. 


Bye, friends!