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Great Finds To Enhance Working From Home



Last year, millions of people started working from home. I was one of them and over time it wears down on you. It quickly becomes an unproductive space.

A lot of things factor into your productivity- sleep the night before, distractions of the day, and others that you have no control over. I did notice that the space you work in plays a huge role in how you work and that IS something you can control.

Not everyone has an office space in their house so if you’re like me- you had to do a makeshift office in the space next the kitchen.

Over the last year, I’ve invested a lot of time and money in figuring out how to make working from home a good experience. Here are the things I now consider must-haves if you want to have an enhanced work from home experience!



1. Foot rest 

When you’re working from home, your “desk” might not be ideal. Without the comforts an office can provide for you, it can throw off your posture and cause you pain during the day or cause a distraction. You’d be amazed with how much a foot rest can help with this. That little lift for your feet (or if you’re short, getting rid of that foot swing,) can make a huge difference.

There are all kinds of foot rests. Hard ones with adjustable heights are great for shared desk spaces or anyone looking for extra lift under their feet. Soft padded ones are ideal for anyone that needs comfort and not a lot of lift. They range in price but aren’t ever very expensive no matter what style you’re going with. Check out the one I have with THIS link.


Yoga balls have many uses. Ex 1.

2. Yoga ball 

Another great way to fix your posture is by sitting on a yoga ball while working from home! Bouncing on a yoga ball will also improve your alertness if productivity seems to be an issue at home.

I originally got the yoga ball because I was pregnant but I still use it as a chair all the time. I can sit comfortably for longer periods of time and don’t feel slouched while I’m using my laptop.

When buying a yoga ball for this purpose, make sure you consider the size of the one you buy in relation to the height of your desk so your arms end up resting at a comfortable position.

Find a yoga ball near you HERE.



3. Standing desk attachment/laptop stand

One issue with working from home is that people end up being even more stationary than they were in their traditional workspace. With no coworkers around to mingle with, their is little walking to do. Encourage movement by getting a standing desk converter for your work space. It’s adjustable so you don’t always have to stand and makes it so your screens can be at their desired height, making it more comfortable for your neck.

If you’re working in a shared space of some sort and only use a laptop or tablet, get a small stand for it. Same reason, it’s much better for your back and neck to have it elevated to the appropriate height. If your neck isn’t constantly hurting, then you better believe you’ll be focusing better!

You can get a standing desk attachment for around $100, click HERE.

Stands for laptops and tablets go for anywhere from $20 – $80. Click HERE.



Have a cozy blanket. Eat lunch on your couch.

4. Cozy blanket

If you’re going to work from home, you SHOULD enjoy some of the comforts of home. Get a big cozy blanket to have. They make one that is 10 ft by 10 ft. Go big or go home. I don’t have this blanket yet but I’ve asked for it for Mother’s Day. We will see if my husband prevails.

You can check out the Big Blanket HERE.



5. Charging Pad

When I’m working from home, I end up plugging in and unplugging my phone a lot. It’s more emails and calls that you have to take on your cell. For convenience, have a charging pad. You can ruin the port with too much plugging in or by getting aggressive with it. A charging pad also looks a lot nicer on a desk than a 6 foot loose cord hanging out over the top. Keep your space clean of clutter for optimal productivity.

Charging pads can cost anywhere from $25-$200 depending on how fancy you want to get with the display. Click HERE to see some near you.





6. External hard drive

It becomes a lot harder to keep your work life and home life separate when you work where you live. Have an external hard drive for all your work documents, downloads etc. With work already creeping into most parts of your life, keep it off your personal desktop and don’t make it cause you to delete precious photos because you ran out of memory trying to store everything on your laptop.

External hard drives carry an insane amount of memory. You can get 2 TB for around $60. Click HERE to view.




7. House Plants

Staying stimulated while working the job you do everyday might have already been difficult but now you have to be stimulated when you’re not even leaving the house? Now that takes some effort. There are some things you can do to make this easier. Along with things like scheduled daytime outings and taking walks, having some house plants around your work area will increase your concentration and and boost your creativity. Lots of studies have proven the positive effects of nature being incorporated with education and work. Time to bring it your at-home office space and reap the benefits.

Check out your local nursery for your house plants!

*warning, you may fall victim to becoming a crazy house-plant person.*


Refrain from wasting your money trying a bunch of stuff that doesn’t help. I did enough of that for all of us. Overall, you’re going to need items that will provide you with good posture, accessibility to technology with charging for it, and a balance of stimulation and comfort.

Working from home is a blessing and curse. Arm yourself with footrests and an organized charging station and you just might pull through the other side of this with a promotion and a permanent work from home situation.



Bye, Friends!