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Halsey wants to make a punk album: "It needs to come naturally"


Between her love for My Chemical Romance and her collaborations with Bring Me the Horizon, Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud and Travis Barker, Halsey has more than proved her scene cred. But would she ever make a punk album herself?

“I do really want to, but it needs to come naturally,” Halsey tells Vogue.

“I’ve never sat down before and been like, ‘OK, I want to make this type of album,'” the “Without Me” singer explains. “The album kind of makes itself. When that time comes, it’ll happen on its own.”

Halsey adds that she “definitely” needs to record a punk album “eventually,” since the 26-year-old says she’s “starting to age out of being angsty and punk.”

By the way, Halsey was considered an alternative artists before she became a giant pop star. She peaked in the top 20 on Billboard‘s Alternative Airplay chart with her 2015 single, “New Americana.”

While you wait for a potential Halsey punk album, you can also look forward to Miley Cyrus‘ in-the-works Metallica covers record.

By Josh Johnson
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