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Han Solo Spin Off Flying Solo and A Self Cooling Comforter Just In Time For Summer in Nerdgasm News!

I've got a bad feeling



Han Solo Spin off loses both directors

The Millennium Falcon cockpit: now with two fewer passengers.

There has been a disturbance in the Han Solo spin off movie! *Cue Vadar Noooooooooooo* It looks like both directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller, have parted ways with the project even though they were 3 weeks away from wrapping up filming. Lucasfilm made an announcement that there had been “creative differences” between them and the directors but “A new director will be announced soon”. The spin off is still scheduled to release May 25th, 2018, hopefully things start going well soon or I’m gonna have a bad feeling about this….

*Update: Ron Howard is reported to be the Front Runner to take over the Han Solo Spin Off*

I've got a bad feeling

Smart Comforter that keep you cool

So yesterday was officially the first day of summer, except in Arizona where the first day of summer started sometime in May… either way, our temps in the middle of the night are reaching over 100 degrees and we’re pumping out the AC to keep us cool while we sleep so we’re not sweating our bits and pieces off all night. Instead of making the AC work harder, why not make your comforter, smarter? The Smart Duvet Breeze comforter is a Dual Zone Climate Controlled blanket that can give you and your sleeping partner 2 different temps while you sleep. The most epic things about this…. It’s also a comforter that makes itself. It all connects with an app on your phone and is still in it’s Indiegogo campaign but they’ve already reached their goal by 691%!