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Hayley Williams describes how sexism keeps her from playing guitar during concerts

Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Coachella

Hayley Williams has shared how sexism has made her decide to not play guitar during live shows.

On the latest episode of the podcast Face-to-Face, the Paramore frontwoman spoke with Wet Leg‘s Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers about the misogyny they’ve faced in the music industry, with Teasdale calling out “stupid comments on the internet” as “one of the hardest…most irritating things about being women.”

“Like, ‘Oh, she’s holding that guitar but she’s not actually playing it,'” Teasdale says. “When, for example, I am just not using my guitar and then I need to play it in the chorus or something, there will always be a comment being, like, ‘Girls shouldn’t play guitar, women shouldn’t play guitar.'”

“It’s so dated, but it’s still there!” she adds. “I just hate it so much and it’s so frustrating.”

Williams responds that she’s very familiar with those kinds of comments.

“I know those people so well, and I don’t even play guitar onstage,” Williams says. “I don’t even dare, because I love to play guitar, but I don’t know if I could handle…I feel you so hard.”

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