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Hayley Williams laughs with fans over her label allegedly misspelling her name

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Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams is laughing it up with her fans over an alleged typo of her name. 

Williams, who is nominated for a MTV Europe Music Award, was apparently listed as “Harley Williams.”  Fans had grabbed an alleged screenshot of Warner Music celebrating the singer’s best alternative nomination on Facebook.

The full text allegedly reads “Best Alternative Harley Williams,” but is no longer located on the Warner Music page.

Still, that’s not stopping Williams nor her fans from snickering about it.

“Hayleyyyy what is dissss hahahaha,” one fan tweeted at the “Ain’t It Fun” singer on Wednesday, posting a screenshot of a lime green visual with the typo spelled out in bold blue lettering.

“Warner music, my dude, you’re on thin ice lol,” Williams cracked back while also throwing in a sobbing emoji for good measure.

However, another follower chalked up the misspelling to a classic example of karma, cheekily replying to the thread, “that’s what you get when you don’t promote your album.”

The Grammy winner, of course, took the ribbing in stride and admitted, “k i lol’d.”

Regardless whether or not the typo actually appeared on the Warner Music Facebook page, the Paramore singer’s fans have been having a field day crafting memes about William’s new alter ego.

The 31-year-old artist now hopes her fanbase will never “let it go,” because she has “been a @warnermusic artist for over half my life the least they can do is get my name right.”

The singer has also publicly tweeted out other publications to hilariously thank them for spelling her name correctly.

By Megan Stone
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