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HELLBOY is coming back (kind of), Rocket Raccoon Needs Your Help & This Inflatable Collar Could Save Your Life in Nerdgasm News!

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This Inflatable Collar Could Save Your Life In The Water

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Every summer, it seems the rates of people drowning in pools get Too Damn High! Luckily the creators of PLOOTA feel the same. They currently have a kickstarter up for an inflatable collar you wear around your neck while swimming and if it senses any danger, it will automatically inflate and pull your body to the surface. It uses the same techmology as airbags in cars and has 40+ days left to get funded on Kickstarter! Check out the video below to watch a demonstration on how it works.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Need Saving At Disneyland!

Everyone’s favorite, trash talking Rocket Raccoon needs your help saving The Guardians of The Galaxy Mission: Breakout at Disneyland! Video teaser for the new ride opening May 27th has Rocket asking for your help to rescue the guardians from The Collector. Hopefully there’s an apperance from Yandu saying he’s Mary Poppins again 😀

A Rated-R Hellboy is in the works!

If you were hoping for a Hellboy 3, don’t cry, but’s it’s not gonna happen. BUT! There will be a rated-R reboot of the movie w/ Game of Thrones Director Neil Marshall & starring Stranger Things actor David Harbour. Hellboy creator Mike Mignola posted the good news/bad news on Facebook to clear up a few things. TBH I’m a little bummed that Ron Perlman won’t be back to reprise his role as Hellboy but I love David from Stranger Things and I feel like he’ll do it justice.