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Here’s the hand-written note Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke sent Franz Ferdinand asking for opening gig

Paul Bergen/Redferns

If you yearn for the halcyon days of the mid-2000s U.K. alternative scene, then you should check out Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos‘ Instagram.

In a post Monday, Kapronos shared the hand-written letter given to him by Kele Okereke, frontman of the then-unknown band Bloc Party. In the letter, Okereke asks if Franz might consider giving Bloc Party an opening slot they next time they’re in London.

“I just found the note from @kele when he asked if @thisisblocparty could open up for us,” Kapranos writes in the caption, adding that he and his band mates were fans of Bloc Party’s demos, and did indeed invite them to support a 2003 gig in London.

“It was a great night,” Kapranos recalls. “I remember they had a song I really liked about Helicopters. They were a good band weren’t they?”

In the lore of Bloc Party, Okereke sending Kapranos a demo tape is credited for helping the band get their break. Two years after the opening gig, Bloc Party would release their beloved 2005 debut album, Silent Alarm.

By the way, Kapranos doesn’t need to use the past tense when talking about Bloc Party. The band’s most recent album is 2016’s Hymns, but Okereke revealed last year that a new record was in the works.

Franz Ferdinand’s latest release, meanwhile, is 2018’s Always Ascending.


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