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Holy Chimichangas! Deadpool gets an animated series and Sailor Moon’s New Phone And Selfie Moon Stick in Nerdgasm News!



Holy Chimichangas! A Deadpool Animated Series Is Coming To FXX

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Everyone’s favorite Merc With A Mouth is about to get more talk time in a new animated series on FXX. AND! To add more excitement, the Childish Gambino himself, Donald Glover is set to write, executive produce and serve as show runners on the new action comedy animated series along with his brother Stephen Glover. The 10 episode series will launch in 2018 on FXX.

Your Sailor Moon Cosplay just got way cooler

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So confession, I love anime but have never seen Sailor Moon. But man, do I see a ton of people cosplaying as the characters every year at comicons, I’m sure this new Sailor Moon Phone and matching selfie wand is going to take their cosplay game to a whole other level! Chinese selfie app maker Meitu is releasing only 10,000 of their Sailor Moon T8 phones along w/ their version of a Moon Stick in June for only $420. Check out this selfie-obsessed, pink Sailor Moon Phone below!


Sailor Moon Phone



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