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Crash landing from outer space, singer/songwriter/producer Luna Aura is paving her own path to pop star. After earning love from GQ, Teen, Idolator, GaloreKick Kick Snare and more, including BMI which dubbed her one of the Indie Spotlights of 2015,

Luna is set to share, Madhouse EP, 9/30/2016.

Joining forces with Evan Gartner (Selector Songs/Sony ATV) and Justin Hergett (Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jessie J), Luna cordially invites her growing crew of Lunatics, as her fan base has aptly dubbed itself, into her madhouse. In this world of cosmic electronica, her listeners are not only free, but encouraged to shake the peace.

And they won’t be alone.

The tongue-and-cheek title track, “Madhouse” doubles as the star of the show.  There’s a downtempo confidence as Luna echoes “crazy looks good on me” throughout the sugar-and-spice earworm that’s a carbon copy of Luna’s on-stage persona.

And not surprisingly, this is her favorite anomaly on the EP.

Best enjoyed with your head happily in the clouds, the big beat wanderlust of “Next One” takes a jab at the glitz and glamour of LA lifestyle, while the sultriness of “Body” can throw you from catching how it’s a musical refuge from abusive relationships of any kind.

“Stronger” ventures into dancehall, new sonic territory for the vocalist, and club culture collapses with “Boys Don’t Cry”, a go-to fuccboi anthem chock full of unapologetic verses and goodbyes.

On the whole, the five loop-worthy songs do the unthinkable – each one embraces Top 40 sensibilities, but is nothing short of anthemic, weird, and most importantly, unsafe. Buried beneath the beats are bold proclamations making this San Diego-via-Phoenix starlet most likely to break pop’s modern mold.

She has a track record for this with Supernova, released August 2015 and just in time to find its way onto summer soundtracks.

“Dancing With Your Ghost”, the smash single, was as bright as the spirit that inspired it: Luna wrote the song in memory of her younger brother who unexpectedly passed away, and in turn, breathed a new life into her work.

The first trilogy of EPs were a debutante ball for the creative extra-terrestrial. There’s a mastery to putting your own spin on Katy Perry’s eccentricities, Robyn’s danceability and Beyonce’s prowess that proves you can break the rules and still claim a seat at the top of the class.

“You’re doing something wrong if you’re not disrupting anything.”

Check out Luna Aura’s music video for “Madhouse” below:

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