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Homegrown Artist: Taylor Upsahl




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Taylor Upsahl is a seventeen-year-old indie/alternative musician from Phoenix, Arizona. Her first self-titled album was released in 2013, followed by “Viscerotonic,” in 2015. Taylor is currently working on her EP, which will release in February of 2017. “Though she says her inspiration comes from what she experiences, themes of self-identity and development are ones that gain admirers spanning all ages.” -Nicki Escudero, Phoenix New Times. “For lovers of Feist, Regina Spektor, Tori Amos, or Ellie Goulding, this is your jackpot.” -Mitchell Hillman, Java Magazine

Taylor has performed with local successes, such as Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Captain Squeegee, Coobee Coo, and The Technicolors, including national artists, Beck, Animal Collective, and Gary Clark Jr. Taylor has written and recorded with artists such as decker. and Max Frost. She was also featured in “Play, the Documentary,” a film to inspire more people to play music and participate in music education, produced and released by Matty Steinkamp with Sundawg Media (2016). Taylor’s upcoming shows include Apache Lake Music Festival and McDowell Mountain Music Festival, and she frequently plays shows at Phoenix venues, such as Crescent Ballroom, Valley Bar, and Rebel Lounge.

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