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Homegrown Band: Alex Mullins And The Royal “Jericho”




A Local Music Segment airing every Monday through Friday at 11pm w/ Mo!

Tonight’s Feature Band:


What originally began as a solo project for Alex Mullins turned into a sweeping anthemic rock quartet. Alex Mullins and The Royal formed in mid-2015 after meeting through mutual music colleagues and began honing their live stage performance, songwriting and chemistry. Since then, they have played countless shows in the State of Arizona and are venturing to tour the Southwest. They released their first EP, Mind Among the Stars, in 2016, and are currently in the process of working on their second EP. With a blend of Electronic, Rock, and innumerable genres that inspire them, they are planning to add their own flavor to the current palette of modern pop rock.

The band thrives on the encouraging and family like atmosphere they have created around them, and always have highly valued the close bond that they all share not only with the members of the band themselves, but with outside partners/creative forces such as Photographers, Videographers, Managers, Producers etc. and hope to always show the utmost gratitude to everyone involved in their past, and future endeavors, and everyone supporting them!

Check out their song “Jericho” below:

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