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Homegrown Band: Breakup Shoes


A few months ago, I came across a music video that felt like something you would see in a Wes Anderson movie. A girl moves across the street from a band, the drummer falls in love and moves over with her. The band, missing the beat of their drummer, plots a Home Alone scheme to get their drummer back. It was a cool concept that I’ll always remember, but the song had this fun, surfer rock vibe, with the right amount of reverb to soundtrack it properly. It was stuck in my head for weeks.

That song: Playing with Fire by Breakup Shoes. I’ve been a fan ever since. 

I think they said it best in their description,  “4 sweet boys makin’ sweet tunes for your sweet ears.” They’ve been a band since 2015 and are based out of Tempe Arizona. They’ve been dropping singles throughout the summer, which I’m hoping to hear on their newest EP “So Money, Baby” on Sept. 29th. I was lucky enough to get a preview of their latest track “accessory” that tells the tale of being enamored with someone who sees your  relationship differently that you do. 

Lead singer, Nick Zawisa explains, “The whole concept of “accessory” is the desire to be as close to someone as the accessories they adorn day in and day out. When there’s something intriguing about a person you’re attracted to, you want to be as close to them as the bracelet they rock, the purse they hold or the necklace they always wear… you just want to be with them all the time, you want to be there to boost their self-esteem and you want to share in all of their experiences. So this song tells the narrative of my (failed) attempt to get romantically closer with someone who I’d been spending a lot of time with, who was out of my league but had been very vulnerable and warm to me at the start of our relationship.”