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Homegrown Band: Young’s Modulus “Laces Untied”




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Tonight’s Feature Band:


Photo: Dean Doughty

The term “Young’s Modulus” is named for 18th century physician and physicist Thomas Young. Scientifically, Young’s Modulus is the relationship between stress and strain in a material. Musically, Young’s Modulus creates elastic alternative rock sounds that are the perfect balance of nostalgia and modern day. The music is reminiscent of ‘90s era grunge yet relevant and authentic enough to take you on an aural rock ‘n roll joyride–especially at live shows!

With the release of their debut album in July of 2016, Young’s Modulus’ sound has been equated to that of early King’s of Leon, Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots. Somnambulist has already received wide-spread support and acclaim and is being hinted at as one of the best local albums of the year. As Mitchell Hillman describes: “If ’90s music comforts your soul, you will want to get a hold of Somnambulist immediately” (Phoenix New Times, July 2016).

Check out “Laces Untied” below:

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