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Homegrown With Mo Band: Life Thru Letters “Dream On Dreamer”




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“Fun, heavy, and real. Every song takes you on a different journey and the meaning evolves as your life evolves. So you never really will outgrow the record, even after you leave this life.” Singer songwriter, frontman, musician, one man band: call him what you will. Matthew Prine of Life Thru Letters marks the release of the new self titled LP as what could be considered a next beginning in the Life Thru Letters Story.

Life Thru Letters has technically been around since 2009. After the dissolution of his first band, Matt wrote and recorded his first attempt at a Life Thru Letters record, which he eventually, and embarrassingly, just threw in the trash. Creative differences with the producer of that project, along with lifestyle changes and identity uncertainty produced a product that he wasn’t proud of. However, he attributes that experience to his actualization of becoming a real songwriter and player during the recording process, and learning how to arrange actual songs, instead of just writing and pushing together “cool parts”.

After graduating college in 2012, Matt hooked up with acclaimed Arizona based producer, Cory Spotts (The Maine, The Summer Set, BlessTheFall), in an effort to see if he still had it, or if it was time to move on from music. Only producing 3 songs at the time, the fire was reignited as Matt knew there was something there in his sound worth pursuing.

Matt spent the next few years doing music videos, performing solo acoustic shows, and doing anything he could to make up for lost time and his initial misfire those years before. Before a full band lineup ever formed, Matt had finished writing the rest of what would become the first full length album. So, Matt moved forward with the recording process alone. At the end of 2015, Matt once again hooked up with Cory Spotts to produce an additional 7 songs and compile them with the previous 3 to release worldwide as the debut Life Thru Letters LP.

Since then, Matt has commenced touring on the national level, doing a solo acoustic show that still captivates in it’s own way the raw sincerity of the Life Thru Letters sound, even having an album intended for a full band performance. While many still await the feelings and energy that will come with the full band show, many appreciate what will someday be considered rare and intimate acoustic performances. You can catch Life Thru Letters live at their next show on December 6th at Rebel Lounge.

Check out their song “Dream On Dreamer” below:

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