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Homegrown With Mo Band: Royaltides “Hide”

Royaltides Hide artwork



A Local Music Segment airing every Monday through Friday at 11pm w/ Mo!

Tonight’s Feature Band:

Royaltides Hide artwork

Formed in January 2015, Royaltides is an alternative rock band from Phoenix, AZ. Beginning originally with long-time friends, vocalist Josh James, bassist Andrew Zonoozi and guitarists Dylan Elliot and Joey Sardella, the band drew from a pool of influences such as Death Cab for a Cutie, Coldplay, the 1975, Switchfoot, Colony House and others. After tracking their first EP in March 2015, Jake Gillespie joined the band full time behind the kit. Driven by the desire to create music they love and believe in, the band plans to release another EP in the fall of 2016.

Check out their song “Hide” below:

Dive deeper into Royaltides:

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