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Homegrown With Mo Band: The Senators “Coyotes”




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Tonight’s Feature Band:


“Each of us grew up with music in very different ways. We were high-school band geeks, we spun our parents Beatles vinyl as loud as we could get away with, we started crappy punk bands from our garage.

Music brought us together in Phoenix, and we gave life to melodies that had been in my head for years. It took some time to realize that our songs, at their core, stem from the the stories we share with each other and the city we’re from. These songs speak to love, family, community and the simple beauty of the Southwest.

Now, we want to share with you what we’ve found together.”

– Jesse

Following their debut release, the Senators showcased in major US markets, opened for Phillip Phillips and other national acts, were licensed for overhead play in all N. America Starbucks locations and were featured on Billboards Next Big Sound charts. The band is currently preparing to record their sophomore album with Simone Felice in his Catskill Mountain studios this April, and hit the road for national touring in 2017.

Check out their song “Coyotes” below:

Dive deeper into The Senators:

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