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Time Travelling

Is this a time traveller holding a camera phone, at a 1995 Mike Tyson fight?http://paleofuture.gizmodo.com/is-this-a-time-traveler-at-a-mike-tyson-fight-in-1995-1777064144 Read More »

New Lethal Weapon!

Love the new Lethal Weapon trailer. Looks like an old school cop show where they’ll catch the bad guy in an hour! I’m done with these shows that have a story arc which runs for multiple season. Let’s get back to fights, car chases & a humours ending EVERY episode! Read More »

Last Shadow Puppets

Remember back in the day, when Alex Turner would barely look at the audience during Arctic Monkeys’ shows?  How times change!  I really like this Last Shadow Puppets’ song, and the new video…. Read More »

Arcade Fire Review Radiohead

I think Radiohead would approve of Will Butler’s review of their latest album.  There are some tremendous metaphors here, to describe how ‘arty’ A Moon Shaped Pool is…. http://thetalkhouse.com/will-butler-arcade-fire-talks-radioheads-moon-shaped-pool/ Read More »

Radiohead Face Legal Action…

We spoke about the legal case Radiohead could be facing today’s show. The makers of Trumpton reckon Radiohead copied their British TV show. Here’s @radiohead… Here’s Trumpton… What do you think? Read More »

Man Protests Against China’s Erotic Banana Ban

I told you yesterday China has banned ladies seductively eating bananas from their internet.  This guy has decided to stage a protest, outside the Chinese Embassy in London.http://www.standard.co.uk/news/erotic-banana-eating-protest-filmed-outside-chinese-embassy-a3245551.html Read More »

Snoop’s Hot Pockets

Snoop has been talking about people fighting over Prince’s money, and says he’s not going to leave a will.  He wants to be reincarnated as a butterfly, so he can fly around and watch “dumb mother f’ers” argue over his fortune.  Which will probably be quite a bit, when the time comes.  Snoop has become quite the businessman.  Even advertising ... Read More »

Mr T Sings

Yeah, I didn’t know he had a Pop career either, but how great is this video? This should be played on Mother’s Day weekend, every year! Read More »