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Michael Phelps is jumping the shark and robots are taking over fast food in Nerdgasm News!

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This machine cranks out 400 burgers per hour but it’ll still never be as good as



The robots are taking over the world faster than you think… Their first order of business, your food order. There’s a new lean mean, burger machine that cranks out 400 hamburgers PER HOUR! Momentum Machine’s grillmaster can not only grill your burger but has 100% success rate of getting your custom order correct. Now if you pair this $30,000 machine, that pays for itself, and a self order kiosk for your food, it’ll look like fast food employees will be a thing of the past.


Michael Phelps is jumping the shark

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photo via Sports Illustrated

The world’s most decorated athlete is going head to head against the ocean’s vicious predator. Olympic swimmer and assistant swimming coach at ASU, Michael Phelps must be tired of racing humans because he’s swimming against a great white shark during this year’s Shark Week on The Discover Channel. There’s no word on exactly how this whole race will go down or better yet, if he racing a real shark or left shark from Katie Perry’s Superbowl performance a few years back. “Phelps v. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White” is scheduled to air sometime during the week of July 23rd.