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Is there a new Coldplay album coming? “There won’t *not* be one,” says Chris Martin

Credit: Dave Meyers; Art Direction: Pilar Zeta

With the release of Coldplay‘s new single, “Higher Power,” this week, the question now becomes: is there a new album in the works? Gathering from Chris Martin‘s comments during an interview with the U.K.’s Capital FM, the answer to that question is, well, maybe?

“We’re not supposed to say, but there won’t not be one,” Martin says.

“We’ve recorded more than one song,” adds guitarist Jonny Buckland, to which Martin replies, “We’re just saving some announcements.”

To make things even more mysterious, Martin declares, “There might not not not not be a…there might not not be a not non album.”

When the hosts ask about Martin’s double-negative math, he helpfully shares that “one of them was knot with a ‘k.'”

So, in conclusion, there is a possibility that a new Coldplay album exists. If that is indeed the case, it’ll be the follow-up to the group’s 2019 double-album, Everyday Life.

In the meantime, you can keep listening to “Higher Power,” which dropped Thursday evening alongside a video that premiered on the International Space Station. You can also watch Coldplay give the song its live debut during this Sunday’s American Idol on ABC.

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