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Jack Antonoff criticizes “herbs who sell crap” in celebrating Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” hitting number one

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ABC/Randy Holmes

Jack Antonoff has no time for people who want to unnecessarily shorten songs.

That much is clear in the Bleachers frontman’s reaction to Taylor Swift‘s new version of her beloved song “All Too Well” debuting at number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

“All Too Well” is included on Red (Taylor’s Version), a newly re-recorded edition of her 2012 album, Red. The updated collection also features a 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” which Antonoff co-produced alongside Swift. Billboard combined the data for both Taylor’s Version recordings of “All Too Well” in determining its Hot 100 position.

In a tweet celebrating the news, Antonoff writes, “Wild to be a part of a 10 minute number 1!”

He adds, “The takeaway of a 10 minute song hitting number 1 is to not accept the narrative that people have no attention spans. That idea is created by herbs who sell crap. Long live the audience who wants it ALL. I love you.”

“All Too Well” is now officially the longest song to ever hit number one on the Hot 100, besting Don McClean‘s eight-minute, 37-second “American Pie.”


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