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James Hetfield, jaguars & barbarian rage: How Tom Morello helped ‘GoT’s’ D.B. Weiss bring metal to ‘Metal Lords’

Credit: Scott Patrick Green/Netflix

Start your weekend with your horns up with the new movie, Metal Lords.

The film, which premieres today on Netflix, tells the story of three classmates who join together to start a metal band, all while contending with the teen drama that high school brings. Game of Thrones co-creator D.B. Weiss wrote the screenplay, while Rage Against the Machine‘s Tom Morello was the film’s executive music producer.

As Weiss tells ABC Audio, while Metal Lords is very much a metal movie, it’s “not just about heavy metal.”

“It’s about what it means to feel on the outside of the world that you’re inhabiting, and have it look like everybody else is in on something that you’re not,” Weiss explains. “[You’re] trying to find out, ‘Well, if that’s not my thing, what is my thing? If that’s not my tribe, who is my tribe?'”

In his role, Morello helped the three kid actors — Adrian Greensmith, Jaeden Martell and Isis Hainsworth — accurately portray playing metal music onscreen. Morello says that all three were “great” and “diligent” in learning to convincingly play their instruments, but when it came to filming the music performances, the “Killing in the Name” shredder preached spirit and emotion over technique.

“I sent them three pictures,” Morello shares. “One was of James Hetfield, like, having an embolism, and one was of a snarling jaguar, and the other was of, like, a guy had just smashed a beer bottle on his head and was in a state of barbarian rage.”

“Your performance should feel like those three things,” Morello recalls telling the actors. “And none of those things have to do with your fingers being in the right place on the fretboard.”

(Video contains uncensored profanity.) 

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