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Jimmy Eat World contemplates “releasing less music but more often” with future material

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Following the June premiere of the new single “Something Loud,” Jimmy Eat World is continuing to work on new music. However, as frontman Jim Adkins tells ABC Audio, “The Middle” outfit may be veering from the traditional album release structure moving forward.

“For the foreseeable future, I think we’re just gonna work on maybe releasing less music but more often,” Adkins shares.

“Instead of [taking] three years to make an album and then disappearing for three years, maybe it’s more about just, like, putting out songs or putting out two songs, an EP at a time,” he explains. “Whenever you have something.”

Releasing “Something Loud” as a standalone single represents a step in that new strategy.

“There [are] really no rules anymore, and I think people consume music in way different ways than even, like, five years ago,” Adkins says. “So, just putting out a song with no other expectations is our attempt at meeting people where they’re at with how they consume music.”

As Adkins and his bandmates continue to contemplate the best way to release music in the year 2022 and beyond, exactly when and how any new tunes will be released is still up in the air. One thing you can almost certainly rule out, though, is a “Something Loud Part 2.”

“It’s sorta weird, I think everything you do is somewhat a rejection of what you just did,” Adkins says. “‘Cause you just did that.”

In the meantime, you can catch Jimmy Eat World live on tour starting September 8 in Cleveland. They’re also playing the When We Were Young festival, held this October in Las Vegas.

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