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Julian Casablancas gave John Mulaney his jacket after The Strokes' 'SNL' performance

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Kyle Dubiel/NBC; Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Julian Casablancas gave John Mulaney a cool souvenir after The StrokesSaturday Night Live performance last weekend.

The comedian, who hosted the episode, showed up on Late Night with Seth Myers Monday wearing the same jacket Casablancas wore during The Strokes’ rendition of their single “Bad Decisions” on the show.

As Mulaney explains, Casablancas gave him the jacket after he had first commented on a New York Knicks jacket the musician was wearing while they were filming promos for the SNL episode.

“I said ‘That’s a cool jacket, I gotta get that jacket,'” Mulaney recalls. “I said that out loud thinking maybe he’d tell me where I’d get the jacket.”

That, according to Mulaney, “didn’t happen,” but he did sufficiently get Casablancas’ attention.

“After the show he came into my dressing room, he’s like, ‘So you wanted jackets,'” Mulaney says, adding that Casablancas gave him both the “Bad Decisions” jacket and the leather jacket he wore for the performance of “The Adults Are Talking.”

And that’s not all! When Mulaney returned home with his new jackets, he found Casablancas’ sunglasses in one of the pockets.

“I texted him a photo, I said, ‘Hey, you left these, do you want me to have someone drop them off?'” Mulaney shares. “He went ‘You keep ’em, man.'”

So if you ever find yourself in earshot of Julian Casablancas, talking loudly about clothing items may net you a jacket or two.

By Josh Johnson
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