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K.Flay reveals she’s gone deaf in one ear

ABC Audio

K.Flay has revealed that she’s gone deaf in one ear.

In a video posted to her Twitter Thursday, the “Blood in the Cut” artist, born Kristine Flaherty, shares that she woke up some weeks ago without the ability to hear out of her right ear.

“Very scary, I was super worried,” Flaherty says. “I felt some types of hopelessness and depression.”

Despite receiving various medical treatments — including getting various shots in her ear and inhaling “pure oxygen in a chamber in the basement of UCLA” — Flaherty reveals that “it does not look like I will be getting any of my hearing back.”

“I have single-sided deafness in this right ear,” she says.

Looking on the bright side, Flaherty notes that her ongoing physical therapy is going “very well” and that the experience has strengthened her relationships with the people closest to her.

“I’ve had to receive a lot of help, which I think can be hard to do sometimes for people, to receive as opposed to give,” Flaherty shares. “It’s really vulnerable and scary, but it’s brought me even closer to the people that I love.”

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