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K.Flay reveals what makes her "happiest" about "Blood in the Cut"

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Credit: Koury Angelo

K.Flay‘s “Blood in the Cut” gave the musician her first hit single, hitting the top five on Billboard‘s Alternative Airplay chart and top 20 on the Mainstream Rock Songs ranking. But that isn’t her proudest achievement with that song.

As she tells ABC Audio, she’s particularly honored by the placement of “Blood in the Cut” in the Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman. The track pops up in the show’s fourth season, which aired in 2017, and is used to soundtrack the title protagonist’s inner battle with depression and self-loathing.

While K.Flay — born Kristine Flaherty — is a big BoJack fan now, she didn’t actually experience her song in the show in real time.

“When that placement happened, I wasn’t watching BoJack, so I had never seen it,” she explains. “I kind of knew what it was about, and I had some friends who were BoJack devotees, but for whatever reason I just wasn’t watching much television at that moment.”

About a year ago, however, Flaherty decided to plow through the entire series in one go.

“I didn’t know when that episode was coming,” Flaherty recalls. “And when it came, it really was very impactful.”

“It’s the thing I’m sort of happiest about with that song, that it’s even a small part of this show that I feel like is so great,” she adds.

Given how little control artists have on how their songs may be received or interpreted, Flaherty is appreciative of how “Blood in the Cut” was represented in BoJack.

“You put something out, people are gonna do s*** with it,” she says. “So I was very glad that the thing somebody did with that song is put it inn BoJack Horseman.”

K.Flay’s latest release is the song “Hurting on Purpose” with producer Whethan.

By Josh Johnson
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