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Keeping your dog happy this summer


Weather that is perfect for your days by the pool are ahead! It’s easy to think of things to preoccupy yourself in the summer but what about your dog? 

Dogs struggle to regulate temperature so the summers are even more brutal for our furry friends in the valley. Between the concrete being too hot for their paws to being covered in fur and unable to sweat, it’s important to keep them in mind as things warm up outside.

Keeping them inside would obviously do the trick but it’s really not fair to keep them pent up inside all day while you’re enjoying the summer. Your dog likes summer too. Check out these ways to give your dog the best summer ever!


1. Walks earlier/later

Walkies can still happen! The warnings about walking your dog in the summer should be taken into account, but that doesn’t mean no walks at all! 

Get up early in the morning or do one before bed at night with your favorite companion. They will love seeing the normal route during a different time of day and the cooler temperature is appropriate for the padding of their paws.


2. Cool toys

Get your dog some cool toys.

No, some literally COOL toys. That’s right, you can get toys that will help keep your dog from getting too hot this summer. 

You can use toys traditionally for teething puppies in the summer! Toss them in the freezer and let them bring it outside while they hang poolside with you. 

You can also get them a doggy sprinkler pad! Probably good for kids too. If running the hose isn’t your thing, there is a dog fountain system that lets the dogs learn to push a peddle to get water fountained to them. I swear you can find anything on Amazon!

I recently purchased a little pool for our dogs. It’s lined to it should tear, isn’t inflatable so no popping and isn’t made from plastic so hopefully it lasts more than one Arizona summer. I’ll let you know how it plays out!


3. Treat-pops

Make your dog something special. A treat that tastes great, is good for them and will help them stand those 100 degree days!  

There are about a million ways to make these, through truthfully they all get pretty messy so make sure that it’s eaten outdoors. I’ve done recipes with yogurt and recipes that use broth. The yogurt one was basically yogurt and fruit! I did blueberries and apple. The one with broth I did chopped veggies! Use normal popsicle trays, stick them in the freezer and bust out when your dog needs a quick cool down.


4. Make sure bedding stays cool and clean

A dog’s bedding is often overlooked! If you’re dog sleeps with you, then hopefully clean bedding isn’t an issue! And I’m guessing your room is kept at a good temperature. 

Lots of people don’t co-sleep with their pets and that’s okay too! In the summer be sure to check on their sleep space every few days. 

Make sure the area is staying cool, the fabric isn’t rotting, and that you are washing it as often as you would your own sheets! Dirty beddings retains moisture and heat. 


5. Brush them

Would you want to wear a fur coat all day in the summer? I think not!

While they do shed their coats to thin out for summer, it will go a lot faster and keep your house cleaner if you brush them regularly ESPECIALLY during the summer. 

They will feel better too, even if they don’t particularly enjoy the brushing itself. Normally they learn to like it. 

The brush you get matters! The kind that look like a hair brush you would use are don’t work well in dogs! Get these kind: 




6. Water games

When you were a kid, nothing was more fun than cooling down with some water games during the summer! Dogs really are just forever-children. Include them in some water game fun.

Squirt guns, a garden hose, soaker balls or slip n slide! Your dog wants to get in on the action. My dog is plenty entertained with just a garden hose. I just spray it in a circle for him and he goes nuts. Less is more. 


6. Take them to the dog park

Dog parks are a great way to treat your pet! They grassed over so you don’t need to worry about the pads of their feet. Do make sure you bring plenty of water and make them take breaks! 


Many dog parks have lights that will come on at night so you can avoid the heat entirely. Nothing like a night time play session to tucker them out before bed time! 


7. Keep their water fresh

During the summer you should not only keep their water filled but keep it fresh too. 

Clean it out often. The heat and water mixed makes is the perfect breeding ground for germs! Don’t just rinse the bowl. Wash it out. 

Where do you keep your dogs water? Does it get sun? Make sure to keep the temperature of the water nice too. Room temperature it perfect so make sure it’s in a good area of the room. 

Bring water for them anywhere you go- While we are talking about water, if you are on the go  make sure you bring some for them too. 

You can get these cool water bottles that make it easy to serve them water on the go. Click HERE to check those out.


8. Force breaks

Just like with children, you might have to remind your furry friend to take a break. They want to keep up with you outside and stay with you all day. If they are panting too much, take them indoors or offer them one of the other cool down options from above.

Don’t forget to include your furry family member in your summer plans. If you’re hot, they absolutely are too. Stay safe by keeping cool together. 


Bye, friends!