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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas


Valentine’s Day is this weekend! *gasp* Did you forget again this year? Somehow this one sneaks up on everyone, yet it’s also one your significant other will never forget that you failed to think about it. 

A lot of people consider it a greeting card holiday and say it doesn’t count. I actually really like Valentine’s Day. The older I get, the more I realize that your long term relationships easily get put on the back burner. Valentine’s Day is a great way to remember that those important to you deserve to be recognized in some way that says, “hey, I love you and appreciate your presence in my life.”

I tend to go overboard when I’m celebrating things but having a successful Valentine’s Day really doesn’t require a lot. Obviously the first step is acknowledging the day. The next is some sort of time you spend with your significant other (or BFF) and perform a gift exchange. 

Not everyone is in a great position financially so the idea of a Valentine’s Day gift might stress you out but remember it’s a day of showing love, not showing off your wallet. This is a great holiday for a thoughtful gift. Not necessarily an expensive one. Jewelry isn’t the only way to go!

Now if you’re reading this and realizing that you haven’t even begun to think about Valentine’s Day yet, then you are in the search for a good last minute gift. You’ve probably missed your window to get something online and something from Amazon prime can be a little risky! So here are some great ideas to ensure that you don’t blow it this year! 


1. Build your own basket

I love this idea because it’s easy to cater to anyone’s taste! Plus, you can reuse the basket for future gifts or as decor in the house.

Your basket could include your partners favorite sweet treats, little knick knacks from the dollar store, wine, scratch offs, and so much more. 

How is this better than just giving them a box of chocolate? It’s the presentation. It makes it look a lot more thoughtful. Throw a cheap stuffed animal in there and you are on your way to an Instagramable gift!


2. Set a scene

If you’re coming up short on actual gift ideas or enough to fill up a basket, set a scene instead!

This takes less money and more of your actual time. An example of setting a Valentine’s Day worth scene would be what my husband pulled off last year. He moved the furniture out of the middle of the living room and blew up our inflatable mattress. He covered the mattress with lots of blankets and pillows with fake rose petals as the final touch scattered on top. He actually bought those years ago and has been able to whip them out a couple times. They have been a great cheap investment!

He completed the scene with low lighting, gathering all the candles we had in the house and having them lit, getting some Valentine’s Day balloons inflated at the store and tied around the room and having my favorite champagne on ice with my choice of take-out soon to be ordered! 

So realistically all he had to pay for was the balloons, the champagne and the dinner. But he took the time to set the scene and ensured we would spend the entire afternoon and evening just showing each other appreciation.

He went the extra mile and also got me a new set of cute pink pajamas to wear during our “day in bed” downstairs- but the day would have been perfect without the extra money spent. My point is don’t get caught up in the financial end of the holiday and focus more on the thought. 


3. Candles and dinner

This might seem like a step down from setting a scene but depending on where you are in life, this could actually be a step up. Setting a scene is fun but also requires group clean-up afterwards! Also, if you have kids, setting up a romantic living room scene might not be in the cards for you. 

You can’t go wrong with a candle lit dinner. Especially if you can prepare a nice meal yourself as a surprise. Preparing the meal yourself is a great gesture and gives you an extra element that getting food from your favorite restaurant doesn’t.

On top of being pandemic friendly, your house will smell amazing as she/he walks in. Filling the house with the smell of a delicious steak will set the mood right for the evening. 

Another thing that can take the romantic edge off with take out is that your table will have styrofoam and plastic laying around it for your meal. If you make it at home, you can plate it all fancy! Set the table as if you’re at a five star restaurant. If you have kids, get them involved! They can be little butlers. Sounds like punishment but kids get really into the role often times. 

Spend the dinner without your cellphones and talk, really talk! Like how it was on the first couple of dates. This is one way to make a last minute “gift” not seem to last minute.

You don’t need to spend hundreds on jewelry to make your boos day. Just make them feel cared for! 


4. Choose an experience 

This idea could take some more financial backing but it’s one that can be easily thrown together last minute!

Take a quick google search if you’re not sure what’s going on in your area with the pandemic still in swing. Find something you’d both be comfortable with.

Your experience could be checking out Wunderspaces Art Museum, a little trip to Sedona, hiking, or even setting up a couples massage appointment. 

Get creative and go do the thing you all have talked about a couple times but never did. It doesn’t require you to go shopping or have something shipped and lots of experiences don’t even require an appointment. Be sure to do a little research beforehand to make sure you pull it off.

Going and doing something is a sure fire way to mark the holiday in a memorable way. 


5. Gift cards that are actually romantic

Have the money but maybe not the time to celebrate? Everyone has different schedules. Don’t feel bad but also don’t skip the holiday entirely. There are gift cards you can snag last minute that are actually romantic. If you can’t get a massage scheduled, get a gift card that covers a nice one! Or a gift card to her favorite nail/hair salon. 

You could go as far as making a “gift card bouquet.” Get some flowers but also intermittently include gift cards to her favorite luxuries and candies. It comes off as thoughtful and not so last minute. Plus you knock out both chocolate and flowers with this one! If you’re really short on time, you can get flowers, chocolate and lots of gift cards from your grocery store. Just be sure to take some care with the display so it doesn’t seem so thrown together.

Make it cute. Yes men, I said CUTE.


6. Brick and mortar stores

You don’t have time to get the item shipped to you on time, or you really shouldn’t chance it… but that’s why brick and mortar stores are here. They needs your support now more than ever.

Find a local boutique to score something unique that not everyone else is already receiving for the holiday. Brick and mortar stores are about the only way to guarantee you’ll have the gift in time. 

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful holiday. It doesn’t have to have immense pressure behind it. It should be fun for everyone involved, after all is all about celebrating that person you already love so much. 

Don’t overthink it and DON’T let it slip by. Last minute doesn’t mean half-assed. Put this list to good use and make the day special. 




Bye, Friends!