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Lit announces podcast dedicated to “My Own Worst Enemy”

Credit: Imani Givertz

First we had the Woodstock ’99 documentary, and now we have a podcast dedicated to Lit‘s “My Own Worst Enemy.”

A four-part series dissecting perhaps the most 1999 song there is will premiere on November 23. Founding Lit members Jeremy and Ajay Popoff and Kevin Baldes are all set to take part.

According to its description, the podcast will “explore the history of the band, the creation of the song, its radio dominance at the turn of the millennium, the anatomy of a hit, and the ways ‘My Own Worst Enemy’ has become permanently embedded in American pop culture.”

Hopefully it will also answer some key questions posed by the song’s narrator, including why his car is in the front yard.

News of the podcast comes after Lit released a new song called “Yeah Yeah Yeah” this past October. It’s the first preview off the band’s next album, due out next spring.

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