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Machine Gun Kelly & Yungblud make Mick Jagger think “there’s still a bit of life in rock n’ roll”

ABC/Randy Holmes

Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud got name-checked by the one-and-only Mick Jagger as artists keeping rock alive and well.

In an interview with Sweden’s P4 Extra, the iconic Rolling Stones frontman was asked what “inspires [him] most today musically.”

“I like people with energy, a lot of the time,” Jagger responded. “In rock music, you need energy, and there hasn’t [sic] been a lot of new rock singers around.”

He then added that he feels there’s now “a few” rock singers “coming up.”

“You’ve got a few in England, you’ve got Yungblud,” Jagger said. “In America, you’ve got Machine Gun Kelly and so on, people like that.”

Jagger continued, “That kind of post-punk vibe makes me thing there’s still a bit of life in rock n’ roll…it’s nice to see people still enjoying doing that high-energy stuff.”

Getting a shout-out from Mick Jagger was probably a nice birthday present for Kelly, who just turned 32 last Friday.

Meanwhile, The Who‘s Roger Daltrey is also a Yungblud fan, telling The Independent, “The kind of rock we made, it’s kind of gone, hasn’t it? [But] Yungblud is a resurgence of that kind of rock.”

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