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Machine Gun Kelly’s gender-neutral nail polish line UN/DN officially launches

Credit: Chris Villa

Earlier this year, Machine Gun Kelly announced that he’d be coming out with his own line of gender-neutral nail polish. Now, the project is finally come to fruition.

The brand, dubbed UN/DN and pronounced “undone,” is officially up-and-running at UNDNLAQR.com. To celebrate the launch, Kelly posted an Instagram video featuring dramatic footage of the polish in action.

“Done. At least I thought I was,” Kelly says in the clip’s voiceover. In the post’s caption, he writes, “My first brand has been incubating for over a year, now it’s ready.”

Kelly, of course, is known for sporting unique nail art for his videos and live appearances. When plans for UN/DN were first announced back in April, a press release noted that the project aimed to show that “nail art doesn’t need to be feminine or exclusively for women.”

Current available shades include the orange Twenty Five to Life, the green Mary Jane, the pink Slippery When Wet, and the black Depressionist. 

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