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Mario’s hat save the day in Super Mario Odyssey and Stickable Sandals that make you look barefoot in Nerdgasm News!




Nintendo’s Best In Show At E3: Super Mario Odyssey


Yesterday was the last day of E3 press conferences before everyone gets to hit the game floor and test everything out. It also happened to be Nintendo’s turn to show off their latest and greatest, And man, did they save the best game for last. I’m talking about Super Mario Odyssey ! Odyssey is a Mario game where they’ve taken a key element of Mario’s and turned it into the ultimate weapon, his hat! You could use it to bounce off of, attack enemies, boomerang it, pick up coins with it but by far the cooolest thing you could do is take over another character’s body by throwing the hat on them. From frogs to your enemies and yes, even a Trex! Usually a game this great we won’t be able to see for over a year but it turns out, Super Mario Odyssey will be released October 27th of 2017. Which is another great reason to get yourself a Nintendo Switch, even if you have to trade your soul in for one.


Go barefoot ANYWHERE with these stickable sandles

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It’s summer time, the weather’s hot and you’re either out at the beach or poolside trying to stay cool all while trying to keep your feet from burning on the pool decking or sand. Sandals help but are difficult to walk in with the water suction or trodding through the sand in em isn’t as easy as walking barefoot. Well how about some waterproof, stickable sandals that you place on your soles that give you the feeling of being barefoot? The Nakefit is a new tape you wear on the bottom of your feet that almost looks like kinesiology tape. It’s slip resistant, waterproof, sand proof and even sweat proof! Check out their Kickstarter video below then get your Nakefit’s HERE!