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Mark Hoppus’ initial cancer diagnosis announcement was posted publicly by mistake

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

When Mark Hoppus first announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, he did so by accident.

You may recall that the initial post was an Instagram Story showing the Blink-182 bassist and vocalist hooked up to an IV alongside the caption, “Yes hello. One cancer treatment, please.” The characteristically self-deprecating post was soon deleted, and replaced with a much more serious statement officially revealing news of Hoppus’ diagnosis.

As Hoppus tells GQ, that first post was deleted because he never meant to share it publicly. He’d originally meant to send it to only his designated “close friends” on Instagram, but, amid the haze of chemotherapy, he accidentally posted it for all of his followers to see.

Naturally, fans and friends alike were concerned and confused.

“Throughout the day as I’m getting chemotherapy and more bags of chemicals are being dripped into my body, other people are reaching out and they’re like, ‘Dude, what’s going on?'” Hoppus recalls.

While he may not have intended to reveal his cancer diagnosis that day, Hoppus continued to share details and updates on his health throughout his treatment. This past September, he revealed that he’s “cancer free.”

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