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Maynard James Keenan promises a “good storyline” & “good music” with newly launched Puscifer TV project

Credit: Travis Shinn

Move over, Peak TV. It’s time for Puscifer TV.

The latest project from the Maynard James Keenan-led band is an online library of past, present and future Puscifer video pieces, such as their Existential Reckoning and Money $hot streaming concerts. As Keenan tells ABC Audio, Puscifer TV feels like the realization of what he originally conceived the band to be.

“Those concert films are kind of where I had envisioned Puscifer kind of living,” Keenan shares. “Doing tours, but having some kind of audio/video element to it.”

Other pieces currently available on Puscifer TV include An Easter Story, a video Keenan released earlier this year, featuring narration about his existential feelings toward the spring holiday. Keenan says he’s begun work on another, similar-type clip.

“Somebody’s always asking me…[to compare] winemaking or martial arts or music. What’s the differences? What’s the similarities?” Keenan explains. “So I’m actually writing a piece on those intersections. Haven’t shot anything yet, but plan on it.”

Keenan adds that Puscifer has already shot two more concert films, and he’s hoping to include a physical element this time, as well.

“We’d like to just wait until the vinyl’s in our hands before we actually release that pay-per-view,” he says. “So, there will probably be two more coming in ’22.”

Overall, Keenan feels Puscifer TV will be of interest to anyone looking for a “good storyline” and “good music.”

“Especially as an artist, if you’re a person who plays music and plays live music, I think there’s definitely some nuggets you can steal and apply to your own project,” Keenan says. “It’s worth a look.”

He adds, “We’re not f***ing around. We don’t take ourselves seriously, but we take the art seriously.”

Puscifer TV is available now via Puscifer.com.

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