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Metallica's Robert Trujillo hoping to play 'S&M3' in 2029

Credit: Herring & Herring

Last fall, Metallica played a pair of shows alongside the San Francisco Symphony dubbed S&M2, which celebrated the 20th anniversary of the metal legends’ 1999 orchestra-accompanied live album, S&M. Should Metallica still be an ongoing concern in 2029, bassist Robert Trujillo is looking forward to a possible S&M3.

“We enjoy challenges, so if there’s an S&M3 and we’re still healthy and kicking a** then I know it’s something we’d take on again,” Trujillo tells Kerrang!

Trujillo wasn’t in Metallica for the first S&M, so the S&M2 performances were extra special for him. He found that the orchestral set-up allowed for more experimentation, which he’d like to see continue.

“‘All Within My Hands’, the acoustic version of that, having [guitarist] Kirk [Hammett] sing a harmony part with me — I’d like to see more of that in S&M3,” Trujillo says. “That was also a special moment for us as a band, I know it was special for [frontman] James [Hetfield] — he really enjoyed having that support for his vocal on that song.”

“I’m sure, 10 years from now, if we have enough left in the tank then we’ll definitely take it on,” the bassist adds of a potential S&M3 concert. “Especially [drummer] Lars [Ulrich], he’s always pushing for the challenge, it’s how he’s wired.”

In the meantime, you can look forward to the S&M2 box set, which will be released August 28.

By Josh Johnson
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